Handicap International Activities in Indonesia

Following the tsunami, our work quickly developed from providing immediate assistance for the tsunami victims to a long-term approach to benefit disabled people in general. Our strategy is now to improve the specific care of disabled people and facilitate their access to all services. To do this, three major types of activities are emerging:

* Improving the quality of care given:
– Improving the skills of professionals in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, prosthetics and orthotics at regional and national level
– Supplying equipment to institutional or non-institutional organisations providing care for disabled people

* Facilitating the inclusion of disabled people in the community by bringing together specific services and raising awareness within the community regarding the abilities of disabled people
* Reinforcing the rights of disabled people

* 600 disabled people and about 200 amputees (direct assistance)
* 400 people wounded and four hospitals in the Aceh province
* 300 people wounded and one hospital on Nias island
* Two schools of physiotherapy in Aceh, 80 students in physiotherapy and their teachers
* 20 to 30 physiotherapists
* National School of Prosthetics & Orthotics and three national orthopaedic referral hospitals
* 80 students in Prosthetics & Orthotics (P&O), teachers and intern supervisors

Improving the quality of care

* Improve P&O services at national level: reinforcing the skills of students and teachers at the national School of Prosthetics & Orthotics
* Supply equipment to the school and to the orthopaedic referral hospitals (where students carry out their internships)
* Implement training sessions for students, interns, teachers and tutors
* Introduce new technologies
* Facilitate/coordinate the fitting of amputees with prostheses (artificial limbs) through existing prosthetic fitting centres in Aceh province. Follow-up and rehabilitation of amputees and people fitted with artificial limbs
* Distribute technical aids to people discharged from hospital in Nias and advice them and their families on care issues

Improving the quality of care (physiotherapy)

* Improve physiotherapy care in Aceh province by improving the skills of practitioners, students and trainers
* Supply equipment to the schools of physiotherapy and hospitals in the province and in Nias
* Organise training sessions for professionals at the hospitals in Aceh province and on Nias Island
* Organise training sessions for students and trainers at the schools of physiotherapy
* Implement, in collaboration with the schools of physiotherapy, physiotherapy consultations and the distribution of technical aids in 13 primary health care centres in Aceh province

Direct intervention following the tsunami
Direct care of injured people in hospitals of the Aceh province for 6 weeks.

Reinforcing the rights of disabled people

* Inform disabled people living in the Aceh region about their rights and services available
* Coordinate with local organisations, disabled people’s organisations and local and national authorities
* Organise training and lobbying activities to ensure that the areas rebuilt are accessible to all
* Support disabled people’s organisations in Aceh and at national level
* Support local organisations in Aceh to make sure that the needs of disabled people are taken into account in their own activities

Raising awareness for better care

* Train social workers, in collaboration with the national School of Community Based Rehabilitation
* Raise awareness of professionals and within the community regarding the capabilities of disabled people and the advantages of assisting them
* Set up partnerships with organisations working in the medical field in isolated regions of Nias Island to assist disabled people
* Create and widely distribute a list of services accessible to disabled people
* Raise awareness of community nursing staff regarding the importance of care that is specific and adapted to disabled people
* Feasibility study of a community based rehabilitation project


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