Upper limb clearing test – Shoulder.

what is this test?
This test clears shoulder joint ROM and muscle function. It also clears elbow ROM.
how we do it?
Seated or standing the patient is instructed to abduct their arm from their side, place their arm behind their neck and scratch their back.
how we observe it?

The examiner must observe the patient from the side (to establish that full ROM is achieved) and from the front to observe the patients face for any signs of discomfort.

If patient exhibits good ROM without discomfort means patient passes this test. if patient is not able to do it, or patient feel pain / discomfort, its means the result is positive.

then what we have to do?
we have to go for spesific test of upper limb. those are muscle grading, assessment of Range of Motion, joint condition, etc (Nur Rachmat)


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