PIPOS (Pakistan Institute of Prosthetic and Orthotic Sciences) – Member of APOS Asia

Pakistan Institute of Prosthetic and Orthotic Sciences (PIPOS) previously known as PETCOT, is the only unique institute of its kind in the field of prosthetics and orthotics in Pakistan. PIPOS was established in 1981 under bi-lateral assistance cooperation program between Pakistan and Germany and has transitioned into a centre of excellence awarding B.Sc (Hons) degree in prosthetics and orthotics from the University of Peshawar. PIPOS has been awarded as Category-II accreditation for training and education in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics by ISPO (International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics) based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Each year 12 students including both locals and foreigners are trained in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics.

The students after graduation undergo an exam here in Pakistan conducted by a delegation of ISPO. After passing the exam; students are awarded a Category II certificate of orthopaedic technologist. Along with the provision of B.Sc (Hons) degree, PIPOS is also providing all types of Prosthesis (Artificial limbs) and Orthosis (Braces) for almost every kind of physical disability. For this purpose institute maintains a model production centre providing assessment, rehabilitation services to thousands of people annually. Each year more than 6000 orthopaedically disabled patients including amputees are fitted with the artificial limbs and supports in PIPOS rehabilitation centre located at Hayatabad, Peshawar.

Education at Pipos

PIPOS offers Bsc (Hons) degree in the field of prosthetics and orthotics, from the University of Peshawar. PIPOS has been accredited as Category-II school for training and education in the
field of prosthetics and orthotics by ISPO (International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics) based in Copenhagen, Denmark. PIPOS is energized with a vision for future and is committed to
academic excellence. Keeping this in view PIPOS is going to start Category-I training; accredited by ISPO. Cat-I is provided by developed countries like UK, Australia etc. soon PIPOS will also be counted among them and the only institute to provide Cat-I in South Asia; accredited by ISPO. PIPOS provides an environment where intellect, character and resilience are nurtured. Our students are able to reason critically in the world of prosthetic and orthotics. This is because our teachers are highly devoted and faithful to their job with a plus point of being certified Cat-1 graduates from Australia.

About the course:

The course is 04 years (08 semesters) in duration. The last year (semester 7 and 8 ) are clinical based. The course is set up and runs on ISPO (International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics) and WHO (World Health Organizations) guidelines. Adjustments have been made to suit Pakistan’s education and UOP (university of Peshawar) requirements.

Course contains the following subjects:
1) Anatomy
2) Physiology
3) Biomechanics of human body
4) Pathology
5) Clinical orthopaedics
6) Prosthetics and Orthotics
7) Mechanics
8) Material Technology
9) Workshop Technology
10) Mathematics
11) Pro-Engineering (3-D Drawing)
12) Psychology
13) Communications
14) Islamiyat
15) Pak-studies
16) Electro-Technology
17) Patient Work

Rehabilitation at PIPOS
According to the estimation based on WHO guide lines, the existing need for the provision of rehabilitation services (physiotherapy and prosthetics/orthotics) in Pakistan are more than 820,000. It is estimated that the earthquake and present crises in FATA has increased this figure to 850,000 (including amputees, spinal cord injured people and other type of trauma patients) whom are in need of these services. Today there are only few places all over Pakistan to provide these services. PIPOS being the pioneer in this field, always struggle to provide maximum treatment to as many patients as possible. In this regard PIPOS holds meetings, workshops and faculty exchange programs throughout Pakistan. One major step that PIPOS has taken for the betterment of NWFP is the establishment of PIPOS REHABILITATION SERVICES PROJECT (PRSP). PIPOS maintains a model rehabilitation centre where patients are provided with every kind of prosthetics/orthotics facility. Patients from all over Pakistan are treated with equal services and respect. To get an idea about the rehab services at PIPOS; only six months record (from March-Aug, 2008) is presented here

March-Aug, 2008 Record

The aim of this rehabilitation section is to provide maximum information about the prosthetic/orthotic treatment that is being provided at PIPOS. For this purpose; classification of prosthetic and orthotic appliances has been done along with pictures. This is an overview off the treatment provided.


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