The Nippon Foundation Sponsoring APOS Asia

The Nippon Foundation was established in 1962 as a private, non-profit grant making organization. In 2008, our budget for expenses is approximately 300 million US dollars, of which about 16% is directed to countries outside of Japan.

We provide global financial assistance to various humanitarian projects with the aim of promoting the development of human resources and international understanding, and assisting people to better meet their basic human needs. We offer grant funding to programs in areas such as education, health care, agricultural and community development, cultural and intellectual exchanges, as well as support for disabled persons and others who are socially vulnerable.

In order to make the best use of limited capital, we believe that it is important to support activities that confront a variety of difficulties in our society. Our goals differ from those of government measures, which focus on promoting social equality. Coupled with foresight and the ascertainment of what is needed most, The Nippon Foundation focuses on providing support for the development of programs that meet specific needs. We are neither a government nor an enterprise, and we are convinced that through activities in the social sector a new energy and drive is working to help bring forth social change.


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