Orthotic Treatment Management of Arthritis

It is an inflammation or swelling of the joints. Osteoarthritis, Gouty and rheumatoid arthritis are most common arthritis.

Sign & Symptoms:
• Joint pain
• Joint swelling
• Joint stiffness
• Tenderness or pain when touching a joint
• Problems using or moving a joint normally
• Warmth and redness in a joint.

• Joint instability
• Age-related changes
• Altered biochemistry
• Hormonal factors
• Genetic predisposition
• Environmental factors

Orthotic treatment:
The main objective of orthosis is to rest the inflamed joint, so that the inflammation reduced. The joint needs to be immobilized in proper position, so that the alignment of joint will not be disturbed due to arthritis. Variety of orthosis is prescribed according to location and severity of arthritis. For example: FO, AFO, KO, KAFO, SO- lumber corset, CO, TLSO, EWHO, WHO


• Ankle valgus/varus
• Knee valgus/varus
• Lumber Spondylosis
• Scoliosis/ Kyphosis
• Cervical spondylosis
• Elbow joint contracture
• Hand contracture- boutonniere deformity
Orthotic Treatment post complication
In this step, main objective is to correct or reduce the contracture or deformity. The complication should be treating accordingly.

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