Orthotic Treatment Management of Lordosis

Increased posterior concavity of the lumbar and cervical curves. giving a “swayback” appearance.

The cause of lordosis is unknown. However, lordosis may be associated with poor posture, a congenital (present at birth) problem with the vertebrae, neuromuscular problems, back surgery, or a hip problem.

Signs & Symptoms
Prominence of the buttocks. pain at lumbar region. When lying on the back on a hard surface, someone with a large degree of lordosis will have a space beneath the lower back and the surface

Orthotic Treatment
Treatment of Lordosis is depending on the age of patient, cause of lordosis, apical vertebrae and the magnitude of the lordotic Cobb’s angle. Types of Orthosis for lordosis treatment: Soft orthosis, Lumber corset, Boston over lap brace, TLSO can be prescribe
The Biomechanical principle of application of forces are used in the Orthosis, those are 3 Point pressures (in sagital plane)
• One corrective force toward the apical vertebra
• Two counter forces located proximal and distal to the corrective force, to stabilize the proximal and distal segment of the curve, so that the correction can be achieved.

Lumber spondylosis
Lower limb paralysis
Orthotic Treatment post complication
For the Lumbar spondylosis and sciatica, realignment of spine is to be achieve with spinal orthosis. For lower limb paralysis, Lower Limb orthosis is prescribe according to the severity of paralysis.

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